HLAC takes great pride in its dedicated and dynamic committee members whose passion and proactive involvement have been instrumental in achieving excellence and steering HLAC in the right direction. The progress and success HLAC has attained today wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable contributions of these individuals.

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee’s main focus is the review of inspection reports and subsequently grants accreditation approval/non-approval and/or remediation suggestions to the inspected laundry organization in an unbiased, timely manner. The committee also works closely with the inspectors for trainings, questions, or any issues that may arise.

Marketing Committee

This group develops marketing tools, programs and content to promote HLAC to laundries, healthcare professionals, the government, and others interested in standards and processing of textiles.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee recommends proposed revisions or modifications to the Board establish written procedures for accrediting all types of healthcare textile maintenance facilities, and to prepare a written detail of accreditation procedures for Board approval.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee drafts and develops FAQs and Resources pertaining to the HLAC Standards, which will be recommendations of protocols such as airflow, surface testing, cart wash, etc.

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