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Is your laundry accredited?

The importance of having your laundry facility accredited is ensuring the correct processes are being followed and the end results guarantee the most important thing – patient safety.

Requesting that your laundry holds some sort of accreditation or certification assists you in keeping patient safety the top priority.


HLAC Accreditation Standards

Download the HLAC Accreditation Flyer Now!

HLAC is the sole independent body ensuring the highest standards in healthcare textile processing. Download this flyer today to demonstrate your dedication to patient safety and infection prevention!

HLAC Continues Its Mission to Promote Industry Standards in Healthcare Laundry Facilities

September 15th — The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) has remained committed to its mission of educating the healthcare industry about the critical importance of upholding industry standards in healthcare laundry facilities. Following a successful presence at the APIC 2023 conference, HLAC seized the opportunity to collaborate with local chapters, further advancing its mission.

HLAC Accreditation Standards

HLAC’s Accreditation Checklist was created to assist laundries in preparation for their inspection when acquiring Accreditation.

This checklist is an excellent tool for IPs when conducting a routine audit of the laundry. Click on the image below to download the free checklist to help you on your next visit!

Congratulations to the following laundries!

Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) has always taken pleasure in offering accreditation and now, certification to laundries that not only provide quality healthcare textiles but have proven the process in which they take is accurate and credible.

Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to excellence, and certification adds that extra stamp of validation that guarantees the highest hygiene and safety standards.

No need for upfront payments, just straightforward savings for your laundry.

Apply for Certified Hygienic Testing, and you'll enjoy $875 in savings when it's time to renew. That's 50% off your first renewal!


Download the Latest HLAC Standards

Download the Latest HLAC Standards

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