HLAC Marks 19 Years of Excellence: Advancing Healthcare Laundry Accreditation

Rocco Romeo & Krissy Thayer

“HLAC celebrates 19 years as the foremost authority in laundry accreditation, marking a period of remarkable growth and achievement. With the enhanced 2023 standards and Part IV – Certified Hygienic Testing, our dedication to elevating healthcare laundry standards remains unwavering. We extend heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated board members and Executive Director, Kristen Thayer, for their ongoing commitment to HLAC.” -Rocco Romeo, HLS Linen Services, HLAC Past-President.


HLAC envisions hospitals relying solely on HLAC-accredited laundries, with a global expansion prioritizing patient safety. Addressing feedback, HLAC implemented the new 2023 standards and Part IV Certification, demonstrating a commitment to improvement. Emphasizing customer satisfaction through effective communication and thorough inspections, HLAC fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Last month, Romeo presented at the Association for Linen Management IMPACT conference. During the presentation, he spoke on HLAC’s mission. Joining him on stage were other industry organizations that ALM gave the opportunity to share their aligned goals with the guests.


To achieve growth, HLAC promotes accreditation value to healthcare laundry operators through enhanced outreach via existing networks, social media, and an upgraded website. Educational partnerships with industry organizations like ALM, IAHTM, and APIC are established. Active participation in conferences solidifies HLAC accreditation as a requirement for healthcare laundry providers.  


We are only as good as our standards. They’re widely recognized as industry-leading, ensuring patient safety and hygienically clean linen. We continually refine them to align with our mission and stakeholder needs. With recent efforts, HLAC has solidified its position as the premier accreditation body in the laundry industry.  

“2024 will be a great year with HLAC as the foundation for being the leading accreditation body in the laundry industry has been solidified with the significant efforts and changes made in the last two years.” Romeo says.

Jeff Courey, President & CEO of George Courey Inc., assumes the role of the 2024-2026 HLAC Board of Directors President, aiming to maintain the organization’s gold standard in healthcare laundry accreditation. With his extensive experience, Jeff vows to uphold excellence and trust among textile providers.  

“It’s a true honor to step into the role of President of the Board at HLAC. With our dedicated team and board members, we’re committed to maintaining HLAC’s status as the gold standard in healthcare laundry accreditation. Our efforts ensure millions of healthcare customers across North America have peace of mind knowing their textile provider meets the highest possible standards in the industry. Let’s continue this journey together, fostering trust and excellence every step of the way.” says Courey.

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of two new members to the HLAC Board of Directors: Nick Swartz, VP of Sales at Healthcare Linen Services Group, Mukwonago, WI, and Dr. Priya Balachandran, from Applied Silver, Tecan, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Palo Alto, CA.  

Swartz, with 17 years in healthcare laundry, rose from the plant floor to Vice President at Healthcare Linen Services Group. His journey, starting in Chicago in 2007, provides valuable insights into operations. As General Manager, he led HLAC accreditations, expansions, and mergers. 

Dr. Balachandran brings extensive expertise in bio tools, diagnostics, and infection control to HLAC. Leadership roles at Applied Silver, Tecan, and Thermo Fisher Scientific underscore her commitment to healthcare standards. Priya played a pivotal role in developing Part IV of HLAC Standards, shaping the future of accreditation. 


As HLAC commemorates 19 years of leading laundry accreditation

Our commitment remains steadfast. With over 180 accredited laundries and the introduction of the enhanced 2023 Standards and Part IV Certification, we continue to raise the bar in healthcare laundry standards. Through proactive outreach, educational partnerships, and a focus on maintaining industry-leading standards, HLAC is poised to spearhead excellence in healthcare laundry accreditation for years to come.