Managing Pharmaceutical Waste: What Healthcare Laundry Facilities Need to Know

Your clients should have a robust pharmaceutical waste management program!

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HLAC Advises on Measures to Reduce Environmental Transmission of ...


HLAC Marks 19 Years of Excellence: Advancing Healthcare Laundry Accreditation

HLAC Marks 19 Years of Excellence: Advancing Healthcare Laundry ...


Microbiologic Sampling of Healthcare Linens

HLAC offers third-party certification of laundry facilities’ linen processes which includes facilities to implement routine microbiological and yeast/mold testing on its products.


Navigating the Intersection Where Healthcare Laundry and Infection Prevention Meet

The healthcare textile is the one common factor of every patient experience in their hospital or long-term facility encounter. Every patient’s skin will touch a sheet, towel, bed pad, washcloth, bedspread, or blanket. Not every patient will have physical contact with a physician, nurse or other clinician.