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Testing of Reusable Textiles in Healthcare Facilities

In years past, microbiological sampling of the healthcare environment traditionally involved collection of samples from environmental surfaces, air, soils, or water and assaying contamination present therein via environmental microbiological cultures.

Recommended Practices in the Care of Healthcare Laundry

Why institute industry-recommended practices in your healthcare laundry plant? You haven't had any complaints. You've passed your regulatory inspections. So why bother?

Proper Air Flow Critical To Healthcare Laundries

When it comes to quantifying how important proper air flow is to the operation of a healthcare laundry, the numbers speak for themselves.

Measure Quality From Laundry

Laundry service is a good barometer of how committed a healthcare facility is to overall quality. After all, if a facility compromises on laundry quality, will it also compromise on surgical procedures?

Infection Control

The laundry plays an important role in every healthcare facility’s integrated infection prevention and control program. In order to deliver hygienically clean textiles that minimize any risk of spreading infection.

Hospital Textiles – Efficiency and Infection Prevention

Partnering with an accredited laundry service in-house or commercially supports a hospital’s need for quality, efficiency, service, cost reduction, and, most importantly, success in infection prevention strategies and patient safety.
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